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My Thermo Man #1

Are you happy with your thermomix? What do you use your thermomix for?  A thermomix? Just a dust collector, isn’t it? Oh wow, you’ve got a THERMOMIX! Yes,I have heard it all.

So what is it with a Termomix?

It must have been three years ago now that I attended a Thermomix demo at my friend’s: I saw its potential and I realized that I wanted one so I got one.

Beautiful dips, healthy dips, special dips, new dips, more dips. And all this with the minimum amount of washing up. But how many dips, and soups for that matter, jusitfy $1900? So as of this week I am going to regularly use my Thermomix, fondly nick named Thermo Man, and on an irregular basis I will update my blog to share my experience.

Disclaimer:  I have no interest in Thermomix other than finding justificaiton for having one.