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That distance, that sometimes unbearable distance.

On our way to Wave Rock


She has gone back home; the lingering fragrance of her perfume. Am I sad? No, I am not sad at all!

I am satisfied and I am happy with the time we spent together and I am also happy to see how this holiday positively affected her.

For three weeks my sister travelled through Australia by herself: looking around, discovering the country, discovering herself. And when she came back to Perth after her travels, she treated us to her fascinating experiences, her observations and her analytical conclusions.

No, I am not sad and neither am I upset that she has left but my goodness, her absence hurts so badly.

I think and I ponder. Living in Australia means living with this constant distance. The distance between a mother and her daughter, between sisters and brother; living in Australia means living without my loved ones.

Living in Australia means taking my loved ones back to the international airport to see them go through customs and to be left alone, again.  And when I wonder if living in Australia is worth this pain I say “yes” it is, of course it is, I would not wish it any other way.

I once exchanged my country of birth for this sun burnt, endless country called Australia at the other side of the world; it was the best I ever did.  And with that move to Australia came a void that will always linger in the back of my mind, a pain that sits on the bottom of my heart, a missing that hides in the pit of my stomach. The separation from my family, especially now that my parents grow older, is sometimes unbearable but it is the price I pay for following my heart, to move to Australia, my chosen country.

My sister has gone  home and her plane flew over the back garden while B and I drank white wine in the night. I remember how she said to have her own room in Australia and how she will return to that room; so no farewell just see you again.

She is leaving

She is leaving

That distance, oh that sometimes unbearable distance.

Tomorrow morning I will walk around the lake without my sister and the missing of her will cut through me like the sharpest knife but what can I do?

My sister's plane

My sister’s plane

There is nothing I can do but move on as life goes on; the hurt will fade whilst the memories and the photographs will stay, forever.




Baby cot, bibs and Renault Koleos

Yesterday Barrie bought a second hand Renault Koleos, at auction! and, he is very proud and excited as he entered a totally new, predominantly boys’ world.

This boys’ world is totally different from the young parents’ one, the other totally new world that both of us entered two weeks ago. The mind boggles when entering a joint like “Babies-R-Us”.

It all happened when Greg, Barrie’s eldest son, visited us at the end of January to be with his father when the latter turned 70. As Greg and his family, Angie and baby son Jack are moving to Perth at the end of March, Greg used his time here to prepare for their arrival. So off we went to Babyland, Baby Target and the earlier mentioned Babies-R-Us. Initially Barrie and I walked like lost souls through mini items with adult price tags.

Shopping doneAs Greg had a shopping list longer than my weekly supermarkt one we spent a fun time amazing ourselves about the organic foods, the accessories and matching bits and pieces for a year one old. No wonder a child costs from 0 – 18 years upto $1,000,000!

After Ange had approved the cot that we had choosen – Greg sent her the pictures through his phone and within 10 minutes Wingrave had given approval – we went home to take the measurements. When Greg and Baz went back the following day, the sales were over and the favourite cot was $250 more expensive, consequently no cot was bought. Less than a week later another sale was on and Barrie and I found and bought a similar one.

Cot to be assembledThe new cot is now comfortably waiting to be assembled.

Talking amongst ourselves we all agreed that it would be very helpful as The Family, upon arrival in Perth, had their own car: they will have enough to organise in way of Medicare Cards, enrolling  at Town of Cambridge, fixing up appointments with GP, potential employers not to mention toddler meeting places. Therefore Barrie “offered” to look around for a car. No, for an SUV. – really any excuse to do car orientated things with Gary.

Last Monday Barrie and Gary left for the car auction, a wholesale place and John Hughes car yard in Vic Park. After it appeared that Barrie was unable to get the price down on a Kia he had spotted at JH, he & Gary decided to make a bid on the Renault. Consequently, on Tuesday Barrie went back to the auction place to register himself and yesterday he successfully made a bid on the Renault; today we are picking the car up.

First buy at a car auction

Summarizing – since 30 January we are now confident grand parents on a mission in any baby shop while Barrie is scheduling visits to the Manheim’s car auction place to pick up  run around cars for a very low price …..


At Manheim’ Auction, Barrie is now registered client 951

Oma is a member

Needless to say that I registered for the Babies-R-Us VIP Club Membership


On 8 february I wrote: I have just renewed my subscription – upto February 2017!

Followed twelve days later by:                                                                                                         After I wrote the above words down I kept making notes on subjects I thought would be fun or interesting to share – and as per usual, time slipped through my fingers.

However, today, 20 February, I received notification that Marlissa had started a block and I enjoyed reading it that much that I immediately continued mine. So today, 20 February I made a third (last and successful) attempt to regularly write a blog.

All good!