Yes, I am back!

And please don’t ask me where I have been as the answer would be so dull. However, it has been a very interesting 10 weeks. Yes, I found and picked up that lovely golden ring for my Mum and she was very happy with it. As expected this sort of ring really suits her. There was a bit of a drama going back to the shop as it needed size adjusting and the day the ring was promised to be ready it was allegedly still in Adelaide. This was rather unfortunate as Mum and Dad were scheduled to leave for the Netherlands two days later. But, it all sorted itself out.
Furthermore we had another unfortunate experience when the plasters were here. On 19 March, the day that Mum and Dad were going back home, we sat around the table to have a coffee when we heard a lot of noise coming from the front and a dull “thump” only to find one of the apprentices laying unconsciously on the concrete floor next to the pool. I called the ambulance and eventually he ended up in hospital for 3 days. We were really shocked as you can imagine.
The renovation is at an absolute standstill which is extremely annoying. 4 weeks or so ago the plasters finished the bottom half of the house. The wall needed four days of drying before they could structure and paint the walls. That was at the end of March. Rain came but when the sun came back and shone for days on end, the plasterers were on another job. That job is now finished but guess what, it is raining again. The plasters have to finish before the roof carpenters, the painters and the glazier are able to continue. It’s such a waste of precious time. We started all this in March 2012 – today it’s 20 May 2013.

I have experienced a total mental turn around with Neerlandia, my beautiful orange nemesis. From 28 January, when Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announced that she was abdicating on 30 April of this year, a frantic period of PR and organization started for me. First of all I had to convince the Committee Members that it was essential that the Dutch Club organised a function for 30 April and secondly I had to explain to many, predominantly younger Dutch, that due to rules and regulations set out by the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor, we were only allowed to let 200 people in to enjoy the live broadcast from the Netherlands.
In hindsight though it was all worth the weeks of effort and sleepless nights as on the day we had a fantastic gathering of happy people clad in orange.                                                      Is Neerlandia moving ahead?

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