A diamond ring

2 March – Autumn has started and the early morning sun shines gently on the breakfast table. Saturday morning. We just had breakfast and in half an hour’s time I will go on a mission to find a diamond ring.

As I wrote earlier, my parents are staying with me and last December they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. My father now wants to buy my Mum a diamond ring here in Australia and I will do a bit of research before that plan eventuates. I am looking forward to that.


Yesterday the plasterer came to have a look at the area that needs rendering and painting and he reckons that he and his team won’t leave our place until the end of April – so much for having the reno finished by the end of March! However, we will stick to it and just sit through it; I know that the result will be fabulous. Having such faith needs a bit of fantasy given the current state of our house:


Yesterday we had a lady from Curtain World visiting as we want to get motorised blinds in the bedroom. When she left after 1,5 hours, we had chosen blinds, sheers and darkening curtains! It is all very exciting.

But, I am getting carried away. I should not get distracted and remember my first job for the day: the quest of the diamond ring!

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