Highs and lows, ups and downs in 2013 and how to deal with it …


10 February 2013 – This is me and this is my blog. What will the new year bring? I have no idea but I am looking forward to it all. What encouraged me to start a blog, is the realization that life and time pass so quickly.

What I see in front of me is a year as endless and exciting, as uncompromising, unforgiving yet rewarding as the roads in Western Australia:  from Perth to Newman, from Newman to Broome and on to Kununurra and beyond.

This blog is an aide de memoir about my life, my friends and my family and everything important that keeps me busy and ticking.

February 2013 – I can see this long road in front of me, like a ribbon under a big blue sky.

I am looking forward to this journey; yes 2013, bring it on!

5 thoughts on “Highs and lows, ups and downs in 2013 and how to deal with it …

    1. liannaparker Post author

      Welcome to my blog Yoka. By the sounds of it you have been on journeys too or you may still be on one. Whatever your story, stay well and thank you for your inspirational quote.

    1. Lianna Parker Post author

      How are you going Di? I can’t believe it is more than a year ago that we “met”. I have returned to writing my blog and I attempt to update once a week. That way I don’t put too much pressure on myself while still having a routine.
      You may have noticed that at some stage I switched to the Dutch Language to make it more accessible for my family to read. However, I am now back to English and gradually translating those pages that I have kept. Some of the pages I found a bit too personal for the www so I either took them off or edited them. And, eventually, as I just said, all pages will be in the English language.
      Stay well, warmest regards



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